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Smith Corona Typewriter Model Photo Galleries

240 DLE, 440 DLD, 640 DLD, 7, 88, Classic, Classic 10, Classic 12, Classic 12 (10 key Greek), Clipper, Clipper Seventy Deluxe, Comet DeLuxe, Corona Seventy, Corona Zephyr, Coronamatic 2200, Coronamatic Coronet XL, Coronet, Coronet Automatic, Coronet Automatic 12, Coronet Electric 10, Coronet Electric 12, Coronet Super 10, Coronet Super 12, Coronet Super 12 Coronamatic, Corsair, Corsair 700, Corsair 710, Corsair Deluxe, Cougar, Cougar DeLuxe, Cougar XL, Courier, Courier CT, Deluxe Secretarial, Deville Cartridge I, Display 800, DX-4000, Electra, Electra 110, Electra 12, Electra 120, Electra 210, Electra 220, Electra 220 Automatic, Electra CT, Electra SS, Electra XT, Electric 12, Electric Portable, Empire, Empire-Corona, Enterprise, Galaxie, Galaxie Deluxe, Galaxie Deluxe 12, Galaxie II, Galaxie Twelve, Golden Shield Diplomat, Golden Shield Silent Meteor, Golden Shield Voyager, GT, Intrepid, Mark V, Mark V PWP, Mark VI, Pacemaker, Pride Line, Pride Line Automatic 12, Pride Line Electric Portable, Pride Line Zephyr Deluxe, Profile, PWP 80, S-C, S-C Gorham Sterling, S-C Sterling, SD 265, SE 200, SE100, Secretarial, Silent, Silent Super, Silent-Secretarial, Silent-Super, Skyriter, SL 105, SL 450, SL 480, SL 500, SL 600, SL 80, Standard, Star-Riter Deluxe, Stenovac, Sterling, Sterling 12, Sterling Automatic 12, Sterling Cartridge, Super, Super G, Super Speed, Super Sterling, Super-Speed, Ultrasonic, XD 4600, XE6000, XL 1500, XL 2000, Zephyr

Smith Corona Pride Line Typewriters by Year then Serial Number

197X Smith Corona Pride Line Typewriters by Serial Number