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Ja, I am happy a collector of Schreibmaschine to be, und to hunt them down like dogs for my collection to have. My erste Schreibmachine I have fondly remembered was an old American Royal portable -- 1930s? How I got this one, where it came from, I cannot recall -- und so on a QWERTY to type learnt. Happily, most of my Maschinen now have the QWERTZ, und so for the deutsche Maschinen mostly I look, though I do not despise the qualität-built amerikanischer Maschinen.

I not only am collecting, but I use each one in my epistolary endeavors. If the revolution is being typwritten, then we must be about our business typing.

Ich liebe meine Frau; ich liebe meinen Hund; ich liebe eine Erika.


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