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Royal Typewriter Model Photo Galleries

1, 10, 1200 Electric, 440, 470, 5, 550, 560, 565, 590, 660, 890, 970, 990, A, Academy, Administrator, All-American, All-Electric, Alpha 110, Alpha 2015, Alpha 600, Aristocrat, Arrow, Astronaut, Caravan, Cavalier, Century 2000, Citadel, Companion, Crescent, Custom, Custom II, Custom III, Dart, De Luxe, Diana, Eldorado, Electress, Emperor, Empress, Ensign, Epoch, Fiesta, Forward I, FP, Futura 400, Futura 600, Futura 800, H, HE, Heritage, HH, Jetstar, Junior, K, Keystone, KH, KHM, KMG, KMM, KSX, Medallion II, Mercury, MM, O, P, Parade, Quiet, Quiet De Luxe, Quiet Deluxe, RE, Royalite, Royalite '64, Royalite 120, Royaluxe, Roytype ME25 Extra, RP, Sabre, Safari, Safari Deluxe, Sahara, Scrittore II, Senior Commander, Senior Companion, Signet, Signet Junior, Signet Senior, Speed King, Superia, Tab-O-Matic, Ultronic, Varsity

Royal Junior Typewriters by Year then Serial Number

1934 Royal Junior Typewriters by Serial Number

1935 Royal Junior Typewriters by Serial Number


1937 Royal Junior Typewriters by Serial Number

1938 Royal Junior Typewriters by Serial Number