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Discussion Threads for Galleries Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Open to Typewriter Hunter level members only, there are now Discussion Threads added to each Typewriter Gallery.

Added pages for Messa and Harry A. Smith Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Added pages for Messa and Harry A. Smith and the various Marques that they were labelled as and that they labelled other machines as.

Added pages for Nakajima ALL Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Added Nakajima ALL and some Marques thereof that Robert Messenger knew about. No serial number data yet, sorry.

Points now compiled nightly. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Points are now being compiled nightly for Typewriter Hunter members who have uploaded typewriter galleries or have added links anywhere on the site. Currently, the points are compiled as so:

Gallery entry: +1 point each.
if it includes front-facing photo: +3 points.
if it includes type sample: +3 points.
each additional photo uploaded to gallery: +2 points each.
Links added anywhere on the site: +1 point each.

Added Marques of Talleres Alonso S.A. of Valencia, Spain Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Added Marques of Talleres Alonso S.A. of Valencia, Spain, including: Regia, Junior (AKA Winsor and Turia), Talbos, and Andina.

Montana page added. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Added page for Montana (and all of its marques) with what little Schramm 62 had, and added a bunch of notes/dates for some of the more obscure manufacturers. Also, opened up the Typewriter Hunters for invited beta testing. you should be seeing more typewriter galleries soon, as these intrepid pioneers bring their collections to the typewriter database. (see note to the left)

Many Manufacturers added. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Added all of the manufacturer aliases from tw-db into the Manufacturer table, plus a bunch that weren't in tw-db. Please let me know if I've missed any or have any of them wrong. The goal is to have every typewriter manufacturer that actually put out a typewriter represented.

Underwood page updated. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
The Underwood page has been updated and corrected. Also, added "Last Edited" timestamp to each page.

Numbers and diameters fixed on some pages. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Alpina, Antares, Archo, Bar-Let, Barlock, Barr, Beucourt and Blickensderfer updated to reflect JANUARY numbers rather than DECEMBER, and added Platen Diameters where available.

Platen diameters added to some pages. Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Patria/Swissa, Hermes, Adler, Princess, Voss, Zeta/Consul and Royal pages updated with Factory platen diameter measurements for all models. Generally speaking from now on, if you see platen diameter listed on one of the pages, it means I've at least partially updated it with new sources.