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1485 Points, Typewriter Hunter

UK member with Greek Cypriot heritage, living in London.
Relatively new to the hobby - Bought an Everest Mod 90 after watching a Violet Evergarden anime in December 2021.
Notwithstanding the Linea 88 parts machine, my collection now consists of 27 typewriters.
My absolute favourite is my 1939 Royal KMM. It's both the prettiest and the nicest to type on. Until that recently came along, my Underwood Universal was winning the beauty pageant albeit whilst having a podium tussle with my Smith Corona Clipper and my Remington Non-Tab Portable. Like Bagpuss, those two are both saggy and a bit loose at the seams but I love them. Having used the Adler Universal recently, I'll admit it is my second-best typer. Effortless. My Royal Diana however is not far behind. It has a sublime touch and feel and is easily worthy of holding its own against my Blue Bird / Torpedo 18s, Hermes 3000 Mk 3, 2000, the FACIT TP1, and my other Olympia SMs. I count my blessings that I am lucky enough to have collected such a beautiful bunch.

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