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I grew up in the generation that transitioned from analog to digital, so I had childhood experience using manual and electric typewriters before moving onto computers. In 2013, I started researching ultraportable antique manual typewriters. In 2016, I bought my first one, a Hermes Baby Featherweight. I loved the portability but learned that it's not very suited to long periods of writing. I intensified my research into medium-sized portables. In 2019, I purchased two exceptional typewriters, a Hermes 3000 and an Olympia SM3. I also excavated my grandfather's SM2 and had it professionally restored. For my birthday, I chased down several more Hermes and Olympia typewriters, each with a different body and typeface, bringing my current total to eight machines. I use them for journaling, letters, notes, and creative writing. I've tried other models but my favorites brands continue to be Hermes and Olympia, especially models from the '50s and '60s.