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I grew up in the generation that transitioned from analog to digital, so I had childhood experience using manual and electric typewriters before moving onto computers. In 2013, I started researching ultraportable antique manual typewriters. In 2016, I bought my first one, a Hermes Baby Featherweight. I loved the portability but learned that it's not very suited to long periods of writing. I intensified my research into medium-sized portables. In 2019, I purchased two exceptional typewriters, a Hermes 3000 and an Olympia SM3. I also excavated my grandfather's SM2 and had it professionally restored. Then the floodgates opened, and I chased down several more Hermes and Olympia typewriters, each with a different body and typeface. Eventually, I branched out to other brands, bringing my current total to 23 typewriters. I use them for journaling, letters, notes, and creative writing. I've tried other models, but my favorite makes continue to be Hermes and Olympia, particularly their models from the '50s and '60s. I've slowed down my pace of procurement, but I still keep my eyes open for good finds in the wild, and I also accept rescues from friends and acquaintances.