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The "Typewriter Database" is the biggest source of typewriter serial numbers on the Internet today. As far as we know, it's even the most complete collection of serial numbers ever. But when you see the number of given brand names, it's still only a beginning.

This Database is also a collection of typewriter photo galleries from the collections of enthusiasts all over the world. These galleries are linked to manufacturers and not only serve as a valuable additional resource for research about various machines, but also are fun to page through and see what collectors have in their typewriter collection.

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20K Galleries This Week? Wed, 27 Mar 2024
It looks like we'll be hitting 20,000 active Typewriter Galleries in the TWDB this week! You guys have collectively created what is almost certainly the *largest* collection of detailed and sorted individual Typewriter reports ever assembled, so give yourselves a hand. What's it good for? Well, besides the Typewriter Porn aspect, these properly filed and sorted reports, now that the number has grown so large, allow us to see in detail what changes occurred at what times for most popular models - information which informs the updates of the main Age Lists for manufacturers and makes them ever more precise and comprehensive. It only gets better, so here's to the next 20,000! :D
Oh, you want to see how that number has grown over the last 11 years since we started collecting galleries? Here's a quick readout:

Contin serial numbers expanded and updated. Wed, 20 Dec 2023
A new French source popped up in Georg Sommeregger's collection which expanded on later Contin production and clarified at least 2 years that previous sources were less clear on. The data also highlighted certain years where production of Contin standards appeared to have stopped entirely, but having this clarified pointed out that these years coincided with Polish production of F.K. and F.K. Mala, so it would make sense that these missing years are accounted for with a production focus on Polish made machines.

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