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1921 Oliver 9

Serial #961271

This is an eBay acquisition. It was damaged during shipment and probably landed on its right tower - it was shorter and a bit bent. Many of the type bars are bent - as you probably can gather from my limited typeface specimen.

The machine also had a broken mainspring that I repaired and a missing draw cord I re-attached. The escapement mechanism was completely rusted/corroded and frozen. That is now moving.

The remaining problem is a sticky ribbon vibrator. It types only with gentle persuasion.

Owned By: Mary Echevarria

Username: Mech
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1900
Galleries: 62
Collection: 14
Sightings: 48

I'm a novice collector with a very small collection of mostly nonfunctional typewriters. I enjoy tinkering and repairs, so I am slowly but surely putting these typewriters back into service.

1921 Oliver 9 Type Sample


1921 Oliver 9 Photo Gallery

Printype model with excellent decals

Original spool covers - interesting wooden core found inside spool container

Platen looks bad, but still has a little spring

Carriage removed

Not much nickel plate left on the the towers

Rusty spring barrel with a fishing line draw cord

Serial number is under carriage rail on right, next to the bell

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