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I have owned a 1952 Royal HHE since 1967. It was purchased (in Montreal) by my parents for my Grade 9 typing class. Only one other male in the class; however, I learned to touch type along with 28 grade 9 girls. I no longer use my physics or intergral calculus but I use my typing every day. The HHE has crossed Canada several times along with the solid oak 1950s centre lift typing desk which was also bought for me. $20 for the desk and typewriter and that included delivery. In September 2022, on a whim, I decided to clean the machine that I have had for 53 years, for the first time since 1967 and now it is all back to full working condition. I enjoyed the process so I decided to look on the internet and I bought a 1922 Royal Model 10 on eBay. Not working; however, seemed that the body was in good shape, along with 100 years of dirt and probably at least 70 years of office smoke. I was able to get it fully working and polished and my wife wanted it as a show piece on the book shelves. Next, I bought a 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe two tone (Dreyfuss tuxedo model) that may not need much work; however, I love the shape and the blend of black and grey. I understand that they were only built in 1948 and then they switched to grey only in 1949, although with the same Dreyfuss design. It may not need much tinkering but will definetly need a lot of cleaning. Love to tinker.. Then, I bought a 1932 Royal Model O that likely will need some work beyond cleaning. That will hopefully be the last time I pay shipping for a typewriter. Riiiggghhhtttttt. Love to tinker.
That was September 2022 ... any chance I have been bitten by the "bug".
It is now Novembrt 2023 ...another Blickensderfer No 7 on the way. That brings my Blick count up to 14. Currently taking apart a 1915 Blickensderfer 8 Pharmacy model that is in poor shape. It starting to look better. Que Sera Sera. I currently have over 35 machines inculding a Royal Standard Model 1 / two Oliver No 5 Batwings / two Corona Foldable Model 3s / four Blickensderfer 5s including a QWERTY from 1894 and a Creelman Bros Blick 5 (distributors in Canada) / seven Blickensderfer 7s including an Blick 7 Aluminum and possibly the two earliest QWERTYs known / a Blickensderfer 6 Aluminum, a Blickensderfer 8 Aluminum with Tabulator / Blickensderfer Model 9 (Pharmacy Model) / a dual pane Royal 10, a single pane Royal 10 and a collection of Royal QDLs. Most need major cleaning and hours to get fully working. I organized the Courtenay LIbrary Type-In. It was a success with over 120 people attending in 3 hours. I had a display of 100 Year Old machines to view then another two machines from each decade from 1940s to 1980s for people to type on. The Library provided post cards with the Typewriter Manifesto that people could type on and the library would mail to them. I had two tables for people to bring their own typewriters and just type away. No one did that; however, I did have 5 people drop off typewriters that they no longer wanted. Two of them with 1920s/ 1930s portables in excellent shape. My typewriters are not rare but are distinctive and affordable. I am tinkering away. Yes, I was bitten and it is time to slow down.
So I am the decision to focus on a particular make of typewriters - Blickensderfers. In late August 2023, I started the Facebook Blickensderfer Typewriter Group. In middle Sept 2023, I made a trip from Vancouver Island to Albany, Oregon to visit Robert Blickensderfer, who was 94 at that time. He had made the decision to downsize his collection of Blickensderfers that he has collected over the last 30-40 years. I purchased 7 various Blickensderfers and increased my collection from 3 to 10 and there is another on its way. Still have a bug but much more focused.
I also "designed" a home made typebar bender. I put it on a number of the Facebook groups for comments and the returns were very favourable. A number of people want to buy them so I am creating a little side business. go figure.

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