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I have owned a 1952 Royal HH since 1967. It was purchased by my parents for me for my Grade 9 typing class. Only one male in the class but I learnt to touch type along with 28 other grade 9 girls. The HH has crossed Canada several times along with the solid oak centre lift typing desk which was also bought for me. $20 for the desk and typewriter and that included delivery. I was cleaning the machine, for the first time since 1967 and now it is all back to full working condition. I decided to go on the internet and I bought a 1922 Royal Model 10. Not working but in good body shape. I got it fully working and polished and my wife wanted it as a show piece on the book shelves. Now I have bought a 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe two tone that may not need much work; however, I love the shape and the blend of black and grey. I understand that they were only built in 1948 and then they switched to grey only in 1949. It may not need much tinkering but will definetly need a lot of cleaning. Love to tinker.. And today I bought a early version 1926/1927 ?? (not sure which as I have not received it yet) Royal Model P that likely will need some work beyond cleaning. That will hopefully be the last time I pay shipping for a typewriter. Love to tinker.
That was September 2022 ... any chance I have been bitten by the "bug".