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1986 Canon Typestar 4 Serial # Q12013213 1986 Canon Typestar 4 typewriter, Serial # Q12013213 Ted Munk's 1986 Canon Typestar 4 typewriter. 2018-12-03 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Ted Munk: 1986 Canon Typestar 4 Serial # Q12013213 Yay! Finally a Typestar for the Corral!

1986 Canon Typestar 4 #Q12013213

Status: My Collection
Created: 11-07-2017 at 09:12PM
Last Edit: 12-03-2018 at 11:50PM


Yay! Finally a Typestar for the Corral!

Typeface Specimen:



Hunter: Ted Munk (munk)

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Status: Curator
Points: 2786

I am a scoundrel without a cause, and my swank outshines the sun.

I am a casual Typewriter Hunter residing in the sweltering deserts of Arizona with a wife, three cats and about 40 typewriters. My main hunting ground is thrift stores, and I rarely pay more than $10 for a machine.

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