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1978 IBM Correcting Selectric II Serial # 26 1984112 1978 IBM Correcting Selectric II typewriter, Serial # 26 1984112 Patrick Jamieson's 1978 IBM Correcting Selectric II typewriter. 2022-03-19 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Patrick Jamieson: 1978 IBM Correcting Selectric II Serial # 26 1984112 Purchased at garage sale. March 2022.

1978 IBM Correcting Selectric II #26 1984112

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Patrick Jamieson (pjamieson)
Created: 03-19-2022 at 11:22AM
Last Edit: 03-19-2022 at 11:23AM


Purchased at garage sale. March 2022.

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Hunter: Patrick Jamieson (pjamieson)

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I'm a semi-retired software/web developer with a six-and-a-half-year-old grandson, Jaxon, who is crazy about typewriters. In late 2021, Jaxon got a Montgomery Ward Escort 350 portable from Goodwill that absolutely fascinated him. He takes it everywhere, and is especially pleased that it has a key for the number one. He considers that to be our best typer, but I think that honor goes to our second generation 1969 Hermes 3000. Jaxon's got me hooked, and now--between us--we have a growing collection of writing machines. Together, we've set up and equipped a small workshop area, and whenever we get the chance we clean and perform minor repairs on our typewriters. As bedtime reading, Jaxon insists on hearing excerpts from *The Typewriter Revolution* by Richard Polt. He says that next year he will be learning to read and spell, and he will then no longer need grown-ups to tell him the letters of the words he wants to type.

Newer to typewriter collecting than Jaxon, I am particularly interested in ultra-portables and portables, and have developed a special fondness for Hermes machines. A collector-at-heart--I have long collected West Indian fiction (40 years) and Haitian art (30 years)--I am old enough to have owned and used typewriters back in the pre-PC days.

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