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1977 Adler Tippa S Serial # 10287576 1977 Adler Tippa S typewriter, Serial # 10287576 Patrick Jamieson's 1977 Adler Tippa S typewriter. 2023-07-29 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Patrick Jamieson: 1977 Adler Tippa S Serial # 10287576 Purchased from a seller in Spain in April 2023. Spanish QWERTY keyboard. Love the yellow color!

1977 Adler Tippa S #10287576

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Patrick Jamieson (pjamieson)
Created: 05-26-2023 at 09:32PM
Last Edit: 07-29-2023 at 07:08PM


Purchased from a seller in Spain in April 2023. Spanish QWERTY keyboard. Love the yellow color!

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Patrick Jamieson (pjamieson)

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I'm a semi-retired software/web developer with a seven-year-old grandson, Jaxon, who is crazy about typewriters. In late 2021, Jaxon got a Montgomery Ward Escort 350 portable from Goodwill that absolutely fascinated him. He takes it everywhere, and is especially pleased that it has a key for the number one. He considers that to be our best typer, but I think that honor goes to our second generation 1969 Hermes 3000. Jaxon's got me hooked, and now--between us--we have a growing collection of writing machines. Together, we've set up and equipped a small workshop area and, whenever we get the chance, we clean and perform minor repairs on our typewriters. Jaxon looks forward to when he will be able to read and spell, and no longer need grown-ups to tell him the letters of the words he wants to type.

Newer to typewriter collecting than Jaxon, I am particularly interested in ultra-portables and portables, and have developed a special fondness for Gossen and Hermes machines. I am also very interested in any brand/model with a HCESAR keyboard layout. A collector-at-heart--I have long collected West Indian fiction (40 years) and Haitian art (30 years)--I am old enough to have owned and used typewriters back in the pre-PC days.

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