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AMES Supply General Catalog #10
March 1960

Miscellaneous Supply Section


Keypapers • Keyrings • Key Glasses

Adding Machine Keytops

Universal Plastic Keytops • Multi-Fit Keytops • Futuristic Plastic Keycovers • Blank Metal Keycovers

Adhesives and Cement • Mold-Z-On

New Machine Transfer Decals

Transfer Kit & Directions for Applying Transfer Decals

Name Plate Transfers

Springs, Clips, Keepers, Ball Bearings, Taper Pins, Desk Screws, Ribbon Hooks and Eyelets

Underwood Paper Bails and Rolls • Type Bar Rests • Twirler Rubber Cushions • Rubber Tubing

Cleaning Solvents

Hand Cleaner • Rust and Tarnish Remover • Polishes &bull Cleaning Cloths

Type Cleaner • Laquer Sticks • Wax Pencils • Chrome Name Plates

Paints, Laquers and Thinners


Soldering Supplies • Motor Brushes


Rental, Repair and Sales Tags

Contract Forms and Sales Books

Buffing Supplies • Abrasives

Adding Machine Paper • Cash Register Paper • Case Handles

Training Manuals • Parts Catalogs • Shop Aprons • Typerider Wheelit