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1957 Taylorix Contofix Serial # 136515 1957 Taylorix Contofix typewriter, Serial # 136515 Heiko Stolten's 1957 Taylorix Contofix typewriter. 2020-09-02 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Heiko Stolten: 1957 Taylorix Contofix Serial # 136515 A very special typewriter in an nearly showroom condition. The Voss SDT 32 in the version of "Taylorix" . One of the best portable typewriter I ever write on.

1957 Taylorix Contofix #136515

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Heiko Stolten (Heiko)
Created: 02-26-2020 at 06:13AM
Last Edit: 09-02-2020 at 04:26AM


A very special typewriter in an nearly showroom condition. The Voss SDT 32 in the version of "Taylorix" . One of the best portable typewriter I ever write on.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Heiko Stolten (Heiko)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 526

I'm from northern Germany and I like the old typewriters. I fell in love with typewriters when I was 58 (2017). My first keyboard was an PC in the mid 1980 years. Typewriters looks like very oldschool for me at this time. My first typewriter I got in 2017, a Torpedo Model. 6. This Torpedo was faulty and not usable. I gave it away as a gift to a lover of old things.
But from this day I love typewriters, and I learn by my self to repair an clean old typewriters. Some days later I got a 1938 Olympia Simlex as a gift. This was the first typewriter that disconnect me from the fear and my own believing that I have two left hands. This was my first typewriter I repair. My number one. The Olypia Simplex have a special memory for me and I don't stop writing on it.

After the Simplex I got my first Adler Modell 7. And from this moment I cant stop loving typewriters. The best I can do is ... to buy a cheap dirty typewriter, to clean, polish and repair it. and than I do the best I can do with a typewriter. I write on it.

Some peope can't belive that I use my typewriters for writing. I don't like it when typewriters must sit and wait into a private museum without any movement. My machines are still alive.

Ich wohne in Norddeutschland, bin ein waschechter Hamburger und ich mag meine alten Schreibmaschinen. Manche finden mich verschroben, weil ich tatsaechlich mit meinen alten Damen schreibe. Ich mag es nicht, wenn Schreibmaschinen unbenutzt in Vitrinen stehen. Meine Schreibmaschinen leben und sie duerfen arbeiten. Meine Favoriten sind die Vorkriegsmaschinen von Adler, weil sie so ein schoenes Jugendstil Design haben: Modell 7, Modell 15, Modell 16 und die Klein Adler 1. Aber ich mag ebenso einige Maschinen der 1940er bis 1960er Jahre.
Als einer der glaubte zwei linke Handwerkerhaende zu haben, mache ich mich mittlerweile als Schreibmaschinen-Mechaniker und Reiniger ganz gut, wie ich finde. Ich Mag besonders Schreibmaschinen mit besonderen Schriften. Und so liebe ich auch meine Plastik-Privileg 207S mit Schreibschrift genau so wie meine Adler 7 mit Frakturschrift.

My favorite typewriters are: Adler 7 / Klein Adler 1 / Adler Modell 15 / Continental Standard/ the Hermes Baby, /Oliver, and some Olympia's (SM 1, 2, 3 + 4)
A special typeface make every typewriter magic for me. I love typefaces like: Italic, Perl, Fraktur, big typeface and Script. So I like my very young plastik-typewriter, a Privileg, with a very nice schript typeface.

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