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1956 Gossen Tippa

Serial #149810

Fine ultraflat typewriter. For me one of the top scorers in the portable category. Only slightly behind Princess. The typeface is Elite 12CPI and shows an elegant appeal.

The machine has two serial numbers, I decided to take the one imprinted in the the carriage rail, the second one is stamped into the body and is 151887, both indicating the manufacturing date 1956. See images.

Owned By: Alfred Kaltenecker

Username: alfredklt
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 731
Galleries: 39
Collection: 35
Sightings: 4

Collector with typewriter virus living in Austria. Fourty years ago typewriters were only standard office equipment for me. I was really glad to get my first but simple word processors in the early Eighties with delete, copy/paste and whatever wonderful functions. This fascination is over. Now I have returned to real mechanics.

1956 Gossen Tippa Type Sample


1956 Gossen Tippa Photo Gallery

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