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1946 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1166994

Here's an eBay score that I paid less than $50 for. About half the time the margin bell fails to ring and I end up piling up the letters, but it's great fun to type on and a nice change from the Galaxie Deluxe. It's in fine shape but could definitely use a good CLA.

Owned By: Mark Minard

Username: mark
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 129
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I'm a registered nurse working with the elderly in a long-term care facility, and am of course working on the Great American Novel in the off hours. I recently rediscovered the typewriter after a 20+ year hiatus, and in this world of smartphones and laptops it feels good to be back home again. I write differently on the typewriter than I do on a computer, which is a good thing. I've only acquired 5 so far and am actively fighting the urge to buy "just one more." I live in the beautiful Central / Leatherstocking region of New York State with my wife and our 5 cats.

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