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1965 Olympia SM8

Serial #2766578

Should this have a spring this side too?

Nice typer, feels a solid machine, love case/ribbon lid comes up altogether to change ribbon.

Very nice quiet typer - like the push and set tabs at rear of machine.

A little boring to look at.

Not quite as over engineered as the SM4.

Weirdly, the only keys with springs under them are the green shift keys. Unsure why as the only time the spring engages is if you press down beyond the stop of the key depress.


Sighted By: Richard Wood

Username: Coronaboy
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 873
Galleries: 36
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Typewriter collector, previous sewing machine collector.

Originally from the Garden of England, Kent. I have lived in Sheffield for over fifteen years.

As a young child, I always enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they functioned.

I have been collecting a range of vintage typewriters for over two years.

Previously, I was interested in restoring sewing machines, then I acquired my mothers Olivetti Dora and looked under the hood and typed, I was hooked on typewriters and how they worked.

I learn something every day from passionate bloggers and typewriter enthusiasts.

Fan of Joe Van Cleave's typewriter video series.

1965 Olympia SM8 Type Sample


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Mine has a spring the left side but not the right? is it missing?

Should this have a spring this side too?

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