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1957 Optima Elite 3

Serial #965292

I bought this machine on e*Bay, but I returned it because of some damage to the case and the machine that occurred during shipment. I felt that the damage happened because of inadequate packing materials and not enough protection. When I received the typewriter the ribbon cover had come off, the case had broke in the back, the SHIFT LOCK key had come off, the ribbon was wrapped around itself, and the latch would not release so I had to tear off the front part of the bottom part of the case to get the top of the case off.

Typing-wise, it seemed to be very responsive, despite the carriage shift, but the top part of some of the characters seems to be light. I'm not sure if it's me or the typewriter. I could not get the paper support to come out, either, and I'm not sure why.

All in all, a very interesting machine, due in part because of it's production in East Germany (the back only says MADE IN GERMANY and is stamped with "Germany USSR Occupied").

Sighted By: David Small

Username: zaxpower
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I've been interested in typewriters for some time, but I only recently obtained my first one, an electric, and in short order obtained several more manuals, and only one of the manuals worked when I obtained it.
I travel and am kind of a nomad so I like looking for typewriters, and would like to learn more about fixing and maintaining them.

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