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196X Smith Corona Classic 12

Serial #6LTV 844931

Stunning example of a 1970?s Classic 12.

Nice machine to use, automatic spacebar is cool.

Canadian example, no jewels. Hard to date as serial numbers different?

Owned By: Richard Wood

Username: Coronaboy
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 873
Galleries: 36
Collection: 28
Sightings: 8

Typewriter collector, previous sewing machine collector.

Originally from the Garden of England, Kent. I have lived in Sheffield for over fifteen years.

As a young child, I always enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they functioned.

I have been collecting a range of vintage typewriters for over two years.

Previously, I was interested in restoring sewing machines, then I acquired my mothers Olivetti Dora and looked under the hood and typed, I was hooked on typewriters and how they worked.

I learn something every day from passionate bloggers and typewriter enthusiasts.

Fan of Joe Van Cleave's typewriter video series.

196X Smith Corona Classic 12 Type Sample


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As you can see, my left hand carriage return lever isn't there. They break easily because they are very long yet the bit that inserts into it is short and therefore there is a lot of stress on the plastic. I cut down a light blue plastic toothbrush head after removing all the bristles with tweezers. I melted the end and stuck it on the metal pole (after protecting the sides from the heat), I then melted more plastic round it from the other bit of the toothbrush. A toothbrush is incredible strong but just has the right amount of bend.

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