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1885 Hammond 1

Serial #779

Typewriter photos and description from the collection of Peter Weil:

Hammond # 1 Ideal with Serial # 779. With a lot of work from Bob Aubert and I (Peter Weil), it was restored about ten years ago. It dates from ca early 1885. It is all original, although, at some point in its history, someone (not the factory, replaced the solid sheet metal paper bail tube with a nickel-plated sheet that was perforated toads visibility. It is not the much later steel-mesh, screen-like one found on the # 2. The half-moon cut out was a factory option that required special ordering. It was probably intended to aid in moving the machine along a desk or table surface. Machines with the cut out have no patent plate on them. Moreover, the serial number is burned into the back of the wood case near the mainspring winding hole. The hole is quite deep. At the time, Hammond sold a winding tool. The tool is below. It is not at all clear if the tool was the only way to adjust the spring tension, but no key is mentioned in the materials before the 1890’s.

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