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1973 Adler Tippa S

Serial #5573527

Apparently nice an clean in the eBay photos, but I found a cracked main frame casting and a broken wire link on the "5" key. A fine example of a lightweight "modern" manual, though, and I will put it back together since it sports the "Cubic" typeface in 10-pitch.

Owned By: David Wing

Username: deedub
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 241
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Living in So. Calif. USA. Bought a mint SC flattop at an estate sale for $5 some years ago, and enjoyed the tactility of typing after using computers since 1968, the punch-card era. I gave it to my mother-in-law to exercise her arthritic fingers. After she passed away last year I found it among her things. I wanted something newer, so bought an Olympia SM3. I am not a collector, but seem to have acquired more than 30 machines since March 2016, and have passed several on to family and friends, and bartered with others.

1973 Adler Tippa S Type Sample


1973 Adler Tippa S Photo Gallery

Very low profile with big return lever.

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