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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Richard Wood:
197X Smith Corona GT

Typeface Specimen:

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197X Smith Corona GT
Serial #

Status: My Collection
Created: 01-20-2017 at 09:34AM
Last Edit: 04-01-2017 at 12:21PM

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English made Ghia GT.

The colour is not blue, camera will not show true colour, is more of a green blue than the blue shown.

The foam pad under the hammers was so dented in places, the type basket looked like a row of crooked teeth. I replaced with cork which is a little noisier but will last longer.

I fixed the loose caps lock mechanism which was flimsy with a better screw and collar.

Fitted sound dampening under the hood.

To remove the left carriage cap you have to take out platen and remove whole line spacing mechanism.

Screws can only be accessed through the typewriter keys. No external access. Not made for the public to open!

Alignment is poor on this machine, very wobbly. Based on Which reports at the time on similar models, this was how they came out of the factory.
Would be too poor to write a long letter on, but is simply the quickest simplest typewriter I have for taking out of its case and typing quick little shopping lists and notes on.

The quality leaves a lot to be desired, carriage knobs made of cheap sharp uncomfortable plastic.

The paper release is isn't great since the machine has two pinch rollers about 4 inches long located just in the middle of the platen, which leaves a good three inches or so each end of the platen that doesn't pull the paper in, the lever is also opposite to most typewriters and is unmarked.

Carriage return handle is large and comfortable.

Lots of people calling this the Super G which the manual calls it, but I've seen this written on the corrections table, on my corrections table it says GT so thats what mine is

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Richard Wood
Username: Coronaboy

Typewriter collector, previous sewing machine collector.

Originally from the Garden of England, Kent. I have lived in Sheffield for over fifteen years.

As a young child, I always enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they functioned.

I have been collecting a range of vintage typewriters for over two years.

Previously, I was interested in restoring sewing machines, then I acquired my mothers Olivetti Dora and looked under the hood and typed, I was hooked on typewriters and how they worked.

I learn something every day from passionate bloggers and typewriter enthusiasts.

Fan of Joe Van Cleave's typewriter video series.

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