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I want to spend less time on electronic devices, so I started doing my writing and translation work with pens and pencils, and now on typewriters as well. My intention is not to collect typewriters just for the sake of collecting them (although this is easier said than done!), but I want to actually use them for work and to learn how to maintain them myself. Will probably start getting rid of some of my machines after I figure out which ones I like the best.

Current favorite machine to use at home:
Erika Daro Mod. 41. Very smooth type action, except for the clunky backspace. Has an impressive set of features as well. We shall see if the wide-carriage Olympia SM9 will replace it once I get it cleaned up.

Current favorite ultra-portable to use outside of home:
Olivetti Lettera 32. This immediately replaced the Adler Tippa S as my go-to ultra-portable, although the Lettera 22 and the 4th gen Olympia SF de Luxe will probably see plenty of use as well. But yes, the Lettera is 32 a very good little machine indeed, and a pure pleasure to type with. I thought they might be overhyped, but after actually using one, I can say that they are not.

Gabriele 20

Serial #3621590

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