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First hunt and pecked on a 60's Smith Corona Sterling my mother had and Took typing class in 1982 on an IBM Selectric as a means to get into the computer class my sophomore year. Probably reached 60wpm. Once I moved over to computers I never really went back to typewriters, but 40 years later I find myself enjoying the sound, feel, and smell of a now-vintage Selectric 2 and just picked up a 1955 Silent Super. We'll see how far down the rabbit hole I go....

Update: July 2024. I have 26 typewriters at this point including an identical Selectric I used in high school. The collection kick started in April when I bought 16 in one purchase from a collector on his way out of the hobby. I've also had the good fortune of helping my local air museum find several period-correct WWII typewriters and even gave away a pristine 50's Smith Corona Silent Super to a 19 year old that was enamored typewriters.