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I simply love portable typewriters, and look for ones that I can actually use for typing. My collection formed quite unintentionally when my first purchase, a 1983 Erika Model 34, made me happy but didn't fully satisfy my yearning to type. She's a beautifully built workhorse that requires a heavier touch to type with than my fingers offer. Next came my Remington Holiday, which I absolutely love, however he needed some maintenance which I'm learning how to do. In the interim, so I could continue typing, I found a 1950 Olivetti Lettera 22, which is simply wonderful to type on. He was originally owned by a journalist and has stamped out many a news story. Then, quite unexpectedly, a 1951 Remington Rand Portable 5 De Luxe found her way to me. She's a buxom woman who loves a good key slapping typing session. So, without intentionally collecting, I found myself with 4 typewriters, and not wanting to part with any. I know there will be more to come because I'm keen on a 1940s Smith Corona Clipper, and a Remington (Brother) Performer circa 1971 would be nice for nostalgic reasons. Something special from the 1930s would be nice too. Yep, the bug has definitely bitten.