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In 1968 my parents created their company in Grenoble (France). They were notably Adler resellers. For 25 years, they were one of the main Adler - then Triumph-Adler - dealers in France. I grew up among these machines. When my father died in 2021, I started a collection of Adler machines, covering the 60s - 70s. One thing led to another, I broadened my research around the most famous models: Tippa, Gabriele, SE 1xxx. .. Today I have around twenty machines. At the same time, because in 1979 I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Hermes Précisa International factory in Yverdon (Switzerland), I am also interested in the 'Green Machines' period of this manufacturer. I own a Baby and a 3000, plus a calculator from 1967. I remain focused on Adler and TA Triumph-Adler...