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My name is Skyler and I live in Taiwan. I am a Demolition Engineer & Metal Fabricator by day and I typically keep myself as busy as possible with various projects and hobbies when not at work. I have lived in Taiwan for ten years and have discovered that there are actually quite a few typewriters to be found here. What is especially interesting about this fact is that, being that this is Asia, typewriters never had the same uses or popularity that they did in the west. So finding so many is quite surprising. Because they were all imported or brought in when returning from overseas trips, there is a very wide variety available. I have actually seen many typewriters that I have never seen mentioned or listed on the TWDB, which is part of why I wanted to join and become a "Typewriter Hunter", as I would like to fill in some of the gaps.
I collect and repair typewriters, as well, though I am still new to it. So, I would love discussions, tips, and advice related to that.

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