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I bought my first typewriter in 1974 (a used 1940s Royal) as a college freshman English major, and my first new typewriter a couple of years later (a 197X Smith-Corona 2200) as my career goal settled into journalism. We used typewriters in newspaper work until the early 1980s, when computers took over the world of journalism. My typewriters went away, and my career evolved into public relations and marketing communications. As I grew older, I developed a nostalgic longing for a typewriter to reconnect with my early years. It got partially quenched a few years ago when my older sister gave me custody of her 1967 Olympia SM-9, which she received as a high school graduation present from our parents in 1969. But eventually I wanted something to reflect my personal typewriter past, so I obtained a 1946 Royal Quiet DeLuxe and a Smith-Corona 2200. That start in collecting led me into many estate sales and the mysteries of eBay/ Facebook Marketplace, where other treasures awaited discovery.