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21 Points, Typewriter Hunter

I am a history and special-education teacher from Toronto and a lover of typewriters from the teens through to the fifties! I am a firm believer that the typewriter still has a place in our modern world.

I enjoy hunting around local antique markets and buying from private sellers. If I can find an original owner machine, I tend to pick it up! My goal here is to document the machines I have in my private collection. Any supplementary information on the machines are also included, such as original owners, places, dates, and any history the seller willingly provided.

In the context of my life, they provide a hobby for me to work on, a tool to write with, and a passion to share with others. In my professional capacity, typewriters offer students of history a tangible glimpse into the past and a great way to foster curiosity-based learning and education! For my special education students, typewriters offer a sensory tool that modern electronic tools cannot match when curiosity and maniuplative based education is factored in!