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I live in Halton Hills Ontario. I just had my Remington 16 typewriter restored and I couldn't be more thrilled! It is completely functional now thanks to the very hard work of Martin Howard. This typewriter was my dad's when he first started his business in Montreal in the 1950's (he passed away last year aged 94), dad used it in his office until at least the late 1960's/early 1970's. I learned how to type on it; when I was a teenager I could type 50 WPM on that beast. Now... well, it's going to take some muscle building in my arthritic hands LOL.
I'm interested in learning more about my typewriter, when it was made and where. Also tragically, the bell doesn't ding for me; I'd love to get that fixed if someone knows how. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a small part on it.