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I'm over 60 now, but bought my first typewriter (a 1920's Underwood) when I was a teenager for $5.00. Unfortunately, I sold it 15 years later for $5.00 because I thought it was a useless, outdated boat anchor. Fast forward 35 years and I bought a Smith Corona Tabulator at a garage sale for $5.00 to show my grandchildren what a manual typewriter is and how it works. A couple years later, I bought an Oliver No. 9 at an antique store for $54 because of its interesting design. Within a month, I had spent over $1,000 and bought 16 more typewriters from a 1905 Remington No. 6 upstrike to an electric Olivetti Praxis 48.

I'm pretty handy, so my plan is to clean and repair them. I'll keep some for my private collection and sell others to support my new typewriter addiction.