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I repair and collect typewriters from the 20s to the 70s and 80s. I try to have every machine I own in working, original, and correctly adjusted condition. I enjoy fixing typewriters and exploring the design of each component and process. I also enjoy sharing my hobby with others and expressing my appreciation for the innovations that led to the retirement of the typewriter, and the history of documentation before modern printers. Scripts, books, letters, notices and notes are all transcribed electronically and quickly thanks to these advancements in information technology. That said, the history and development of these machines should be preserved so that future generations can appreciate just how far we have really come.

I am a student in college, my favorite typewriter that I own is the Royal Deluxe 1935, my favorite overall brand is Smith Corona, and the IBM Selectric II is the heaviest boat anchor SOB I own. I hope you check out my collection!