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The status of my posted collection is changing as I progress on the machines. Also I do own several other typewriters I haven't listed, there is a Royal P, QDL, etc.
There are a few things I adore about typewriters, a couple being you don't have to plug it in and another and equally importa t one, TYPEWRITERS DONT HAVE AUTOCORRECT OR PREDICTIVE TEXT. I have to LOOK UP IN A BOOK when I can't spell something, which can't be bad for the poor old brain.
I'm a Fox, Noiseless enthusiast. I have always liked typewriters since I took a Royal apart when I was very young. I have been in possession of at least one typewriter every year since about 1989. Over the years I've successfully cleaned and oiled machines, I had a typewriter maintenance book so I knew how to do some things, but this was before the internet... The same story with another similarly obscure hobby, I collect Sturmey Archer paraphernalia, but the hard part without the internet was finding parts. I've always known what I was doing there, I learned from The Wizard, the Original Bikesmith, a great man called Val Kleitz of Seattle. I was laid off back in November and have had time to indulge in the typewritery, before November I had been working 56 to 70 hour 7-day weeks in a vegetable factory for a number of years. All that overtime I put in, it all came in very handy when I collected my unemployment. I'm enrolled in a vocational training program, was waiting for Summer quarter so I didnt have to look for work, and now the coronavirus has that on hold, so I don't have to work... I've been writing a book for years, and now I have time. I often spend 6 or more hours a day typing, sometimes from when I wake up until I go to bed. My typewriter desk is within reach of both my bed and my couch.
I was using a very worn out Royal 10 and the Remington Mark II in my galleries, so a few years ago I started looking for replacements. I found the Noiseless first. It basically needed only modest cleaning and lubrication, though at a point things started to go wrong. I was able to figure it out and fix it which gained a huge amount of typewriter repair confidence. Another factor in my sudden obsession with typewriters was when I bought the Fox. I've read every word on Fox, including a brilliant book available on the internet, I'm over the moon about that typewriter. I am certain I will be able to make it work. I can see what they meant with "Light Running Fox" and as much as I type, it'll be a great for my fingers. Typing for me is very therapeutic, and in moderation, has been very healthy. Its kept me from going spare during coronavirus but is becoming to become apparent that it might be on the obsessive side... So I've forced myself to limit typing to 4 hours a day. Seems to be working.
I am completely insane and my book is partially about insanity. I wear that badge with pride, too. It has been liberating to be in control of my sanity, and the last months, since November, have been the most productive of my life. I'd put the book on hold-- partly because the Royal 10 was complete and utter junk and wasn't worth dragging out, it was frustrating... I think if I knew then what I do now about typewriters I would've been able to fix it. But I didn't like it anyway. I dont like Royals, or Underwoods. That is to say that I like EVERY typewriter, but examples like a KMM or Underwood 5 are more boring. I have one of both and had a KMM years ago (which I destroyed) and they are great machines but I have a very small home, and I'm concentrating on weird typewriters. I have become interested in Noiseless typewriters because of all the internet stuff I've found on the unique design and history. I've been reading everything about typewriters, finding service manuals-- I have my copied Sturmey Archer manuals in binders and now I've got typewriter manuals! I don't have the Bible series yet, not yet. I haven't needed them, I've been able to figure it all out.
I'm ready to take on the Fox. Its a simple typewriter, compared to a KMM or something like that. A year ago I would be daft to attempt it, ive had nightmares after I spent a evening screwing up some poor typewriter. I should say that I did not wreck EVERY machine that I owned, but when I go to the great bichrome ribbon in the sky, I'll have to answer for all the machines I abused. I recently was digging in an old tool box and found a random typewriter part that must've been in there for 20 years. I know how to do it right, now. I've a great archivist and internet community to thank for making this easy for me.

Typewriter Wishlist:
1) Oliver
2) Fox folding portable
3) Spanish keyboard Noiseless 7
4) Original Noiseless Portable
5) more Foxes
6) Spanish Keyboard Hermes
7) good typewriter of any type with italics
8) "Flatbed" Royal
9) another Oliver
10) One Each of every Noiseless model, starting with the pre-Remington years.
I am thinking about purchasing a clear-cabinet convict typewriter, it and a Selectric-- I think a Selectric II, I think those are marvellous and a work of art in engineering, the state of the art, the pinnacle in typewriter design. Apart from those two I am not at all interested in electric typewriters. Maybe a Burroughs electric.
I wanted to add: I mentioned my "good fortune" of being laid off back in November, and how things are going well. I feel entirely guilty, I know there are a lot of people suffering right now and I dont think this is even the beginning of coronavirus. I remind myself every day that I am very, very lucky. Things generally go to crap in my life, and I expect to have some sort of collapse of my good fortune, but the trick now is to get ready. Talking what they used to call "bollocks" right now I think... This is a website about typewriters. But I do want the world to know how much it kills me to know what's happening to good people when I've got it made for months. All I want to do is read, research, and write, and I think with coronavirus I've finally found my notch on the starwheel. I do have one feeling I can control, and that's to make the MOST of it, read research write as a hobby can do nothing but good if I can focus it in the fight direction. Typewriters and my book are on their targets. I've finally had a chance to work on this thing. It does kill me that I'm happy and in my element and my friends are suffering.
This is the most sophisticated form of social media i engage in, I don't do facebook and the like AT ALL. This all isn't going to be seen by only a few eyes, not thousands it I had a facebook. That's the way I want it.