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My wife bought me my first typewriter after spotting an Underwood Portable in a pawn shop. I was in a writing slump at the time so she thought that having a clear mind, and no distractions, would help unclog my brain. Not only was she 100% correct, but she also created a monster. I began to do my own research and became an enthusiast on the hunt for a nice (and small) collection of classic typewriters. After having them professionally restored by U.S. Machine Co. in Los Angeles I use them to write fiction and for general letters.

My goal is to own a select few unless I come across an obvious deal. On the hit list are the following machines:

Hermes 3000 (An obvious choice since most collectors are seeking one in great condition)
Smith-Corona Sterling, 1940's era, (I once saw this black beauty at U.S. Machine Co. when a customer was picking it up after having it fully restored and I instantly wanted one)
Olympia SM3 (Another obvious classic that I'd like to acquire. Preferably in Gray with black keys)
Royal Quiet Deluxe (I think a full-sized machine would be a great addition)