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i remember playing with typewriters when i was a kid, back in ukraine: for some reason that i couldn't explain those machines fascinated me. much later i fell in love with computers, taught myself to touch-type and became addicted (sic) to mechanical keyboards. later yet i stumbled upon an abandoned typewriter in one of thrift shops in montreal and couldn't get my eyes off it --- it was a smith corona pride line automatic 12, not a rarity by any means, but i fell in love.

however i'm not a collector and intend to never become one: i use what i buy and i only buy what i intend to use, and i just don't call this "collectioning". besides, so one typewriter is probably all i'll own... or two, you never know with those thrifty shops, haha!

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Serial #SA-5562184

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Smith Corona
Pride Line Automatic 12

Serial #6LEB-102809

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