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I recently rediscovered the beauty of the manual typwriter. I like to write and find that these older machines put one in a state more condusive to cteative writing. At least for me ist that way.

My new Baby is the famous Olympia SM9 (German Keyboard from 1964) which I purchased on ebay for 5 Euros. That was good! I didn't realize until afterward that it was such a good model! Of course the keys had some kind of molases (grease) poured on the joints so it took a few hours and a bottle of alcohol to get the machine to start working again, which is now doing quite well. Not perfect, but i'm patient; we'll get there. I'm waiting for a replacement ribbon. It's amazing that ribbons ares still available!

A few days later I purchased another SM9 (German Keyboard from 1977) on ebay for 31 Euros. Big spender i am! This one hasn't arrived yet but it looked very good in the pictures. And now, fully infected with the typwriter fever, i'm looking at my last target: a 1958 SM4, but the guy wants 130 Euros for it and that is well worth it, but i am in poor-man mode so i'll have to see what we can do. What I love about the SM4 and SM9 models is they have a forward located easy tab-set and tab-clear function not found on all older manual machines. One can set/delete a tab really fast which is cool! I also love the German Keyboard Version because I write in both languages and writing in English is easy from a German Keyboard, but not so the other way around because of a few Special charachters.

I love this site! Keep up the good work!