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I collect late 1930's-early 1940's memorabilia. I have a small collection of radios from this era that I recently had refurbished. My interest in typewriters focused around a Royal KHM typewriter that was given to me. I decided in early 2016 to get it repaired, but the typewriter repairman I visited claimed it should be trashed and couldn't be fixed. The KHM sat on my garage bench .. again gathering dust .. I couldn't toss it.

In April 2016, on a whim, I closed an eBay BUY IT NOW (and overpaid a lot!) typewriter. The 1947 Smith-Corona Silent may have cost me dearly but it started a hobby that has become a passion to learn all I can about these amazing machines. Within 4 years I have collected nearly 160 machines and am slowly learning how to repair, be patient, and be logical! :) I hope to share my collection with the world very soon!