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Hello, fellow typospherians!

I consider myself to have officially joined the typospherian world in March 2016. Despite being relatively new to collecting vintage and antique typewriters, I find 'the hunt' to be quite addicting. My current fleet is diverse and I intend to keep it that way. My first acquisition was a mint-condition 1945 Smith-Corona Clipper I bought in 2012, but at the time, the ‘typewriter fever' hadn't taken hold, and I seldom used the Clipper. After I rediscovered the Clipper in March 2016 while cleaning out my roll top desk, the intrigue hit me with permanent force. These days, little time goes by before I get the urge to browse online or visit antique shops in search of the next one. I particularly adore the classic black metal manuals with round, glass-topped keys.

I currently live in the small town of Granite Falls, WA. I remember using typewriters from a very young age before my family had our first PC and 'the interwebs'. The typewriters in the house were electrics, but even with the powered models, there was something about the tactile results I got on paper that stuck with me. As an avid collector of non-electric (but functional) antiques such as furniture, looms, and spinning wheels, manual typewriters have quickly made their place in my household and an indelible mark on my life and creative soul.

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