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Retired in June of 2015 and relocated from IL to NC (no more snow and cold but unfortunately, no more Portillo's Chicago dogs either). Missed my old manual typewriter and went on the hunt for a replacement. My first find was a 1920 Royal Model 10 (second design with the dual side glass) . Have always been very fond of typewriters, from the old portable that my mother used, to my first typing class in 1967, then on into the Navy where, as a Communications Yeoman, I worked on the AN/UGC-6 with the 28 ASR (automatic send receive) teletype machine as well as the IBM card punch machines in use at the time. I guess you can say that from 1967 onward, I have been typing on one machine or another, and now have started collecting as my little part in the preservation of the great machines of he past.