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198x Marathon 910 #2037938


Korean-made copy of the Silver-Seiko basket-shifted portable. Thai/Siamese keyboard.

Yes, the typebars are bent that way on purpose. there's *2* type guides and the segment slots are best described as "irregular". It all works fine, though, despite an intimidating amount of white rust to clean up before anything at all would move..

RaRo 633 Siamese Elite.

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Hunter: Ted Munk (munk)

Status: Curator
Points: 2786

I am a scoundrel without a cause, and my swank outshines the sun.

I am a casual Typewriter Hunter residing in the sweltering deserts of Arizona with a wife, three cats and about 40 typewriters. My main hunting ground is thrift stores, and I rarely pay more than $10 for a machine.

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