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1979 Imperial Sahara Serial # 10796967 1979 Imperial Sahara typewriter, Serial # 10796967 Nick Creaton's 1979 Imperial Sahara typewriter. 2018-10-27 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Nick Creaton: 1979 Imperial Sahara Serial # 10796967 Imperial Sahara was a rebadged Adler Tippa manufactured in Holland.

1979 Imperial Sahara #10796967

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Nick Creaton (WhippySteggall)
Created: 10-27-2018 at 11:13AM
Last Edit: 10-27-2018 at 11:16AM


Imperial Sahara was a rebadged Adler Tippa manufactured in Holland.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Nick Creaton (WhippySteggall)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Typewriter collector from the UK. Had my first portable in my youth (Imperial Good Companion Model 1). Later changed to an Olympia Splendid 66 and then in November 1967 had my first standard an Imperial 70 which I still have and use to this day. Have collected on and off ever since. Though I have an Imperial Model D of 1919 in my collection my interest is more the models available during the 1960's when I first learnt to touch type.

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