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1966 Olivetti Lettera 32 Serial # 2784405 1966 Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, Serial # 2784405 karin kessler's 1966 Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter. 2018-06-16 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of karin kessler: 1966 Olivetti Lettera 32 Serial # 2784405 Beautiful machine...Italy

1966 Olivetti Lettera 32 #2784405

Status: My Collection
Created: 06-16-2018 at 11:31AM
Last Edit: 06-16-2018 at 11:31AM


Beautiful machine...Italy

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: karin kessler (karinkess)

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Stay at home mom with four teenagers. Started collecting while trying to come up with XMAS gifts for kids that were not designated 'landfill' or encouraged more screen time. Ended up with a large collection and I now have a shop 'Backspace Westport' where I rent and sell typewriters.

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