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1962 Tower Chieftain Serial # T4Y 37139 1962 Tower Chieftain typewriter, Serial # T4Y 37139 James Grooms's 1962 Tower Chieftain typewriter. 2024-06-23 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of James Grooms: 1962 Tower Chieftain Serial # T4Y 37139 More Sears mayhem.

1962 Tower Chieftain #T4Y 37139

Status: My Collection
Hunter: James Grooms (jgrooms)
Created: 06-23-2024 at 06:47AM
Last Edit: 06-23-2024 at 07:11AM


More Sears mayhem.

Typeface Specimen:



I buffed it out, so maybe now it' is worthy of some touchup paint?
I buffed it out, so maybe now it' is worthy of some touchup paint?

Hunter: James Grooms (jgrooms)

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As with many, the bug is back there somewhere due to an Underwood No. 5. My grandfather was on a small town school board and used one for this. My parents had a yellow Royal Safari that I used to index card everything, including a beer can collection. Collection syndrome clue! The long dormant tic was activated when my neighbors left a Remington Quiet Riter on the curb when they moved in circa 2010, Yes a believe it or not story is next, when a Hermes 3000 comes home with the girlfriend from work for free. Yes, free! From there the addiction is full steam. And yes, I now have a No. 5. Typewriters are the perfect blend of using one's technical skills, history and functional purpose.

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