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1955 Smith Corona Sterling #5S 501567


Typical of a Super-5 model, this well beaten Sterling performs so well that once you start to type with it, it's almost impossible to stop. These portables are true marvels; with outstanding type action, rugged yet stylish coachwork, and inexpensive because they're as common as dirt, the '50s generation of Smith-Corona portables are hands down a top ten experience.

The serial number prefix - according to the database - would suggest that this typewriter is a Silent and not a Sterling (A = Sterling, S = Silent). However, that obviously isn't the case. I don't know if its Canadian manufacture has something to do with it, but this discrepancy is something that I've come across often .

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Uwe Wachtendorf (Uwe)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 13159

Typewriter collector based in Toronto who prefers mid-century models.

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