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1944 Hermes Baby Serial # 312117 1944 Hermes Baby typewriter, Serial # 312117 Charlie Buchanan's 1944 Hermes Baby typewriter. 2022-11-30 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Charlie Buchanan: 1944 Hermes Baby Serial # 312117 Hermes Baby with case. Carriage return/line feed needs work.

1944 Hermes Baby #312117

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Charlie Buchanan (cbeb47)
Created: 11-30-2022 at 05:15PM
Last Edit: 11-30-2022 at 05:17PM


Hermes Baby with case. Carriage return/line feed needs work.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Charlie Buchanan (cbeb47)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 169

I am a retired photojournalist who started in newspapering in the era of Underwoods and Royals, survived through Selectrics and Atex dumb terminals to finish in Macs and PC's.
I've always enjoyed the mechanical side of the business and became interested in typewriters after retirement. I have a small collection of machines and my focus is figuring them out and getting them in working order. I have learned a lot from the Typewriter Database and hope to contribute to the project.

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