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1939 Torpedo 18a Serial # 349747 1939 Torpedo 18a typewriter, Serial # 349747 Marcel Kusche-Hellmood's 1939 Torpedo 18a typewriter. 2016-11-30 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Marcel Kusche-Hellmood: 1939 Torpedo 18a Serial # 349747 Not sure which Model 18.

1939 Torpedo 18a #349747

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Marcel Kusche-Hellmood (Hellmood)
Created: 11-28-2016 at 08:01PM
Last Edit: 11-30-2016 at 02:48PM


Not sure which Model 18.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Marcel Kusche-Hellmood (Hellmood)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 98

Hi, my name is Marcel.I'm currently living in Leipzig,germany.I came to find some old Saxonian Typewriters,wich were to be thrown away and i didn't like that.So,i saved them and now i'm trying my best to clean and restore them and bring them back to life.I'm looking for like minded folks,maybe in my country or area for help and advice.Thank you all for reading.

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