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1931 Royal P Serial # P284531 1931 Royal P typewriter, Serial # P284531 Toni Espinosa's 1931 Royal P typewriter. 2023-10-05 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Toni Espinosa: 1931 Royal P Serial # P284531 Bela maŝino. Mi aĉetis ĝin per malgranda kvanto.

1931 Royal P #P284531

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Toni Espinosa (tajpilemulo)
Created: 10-05-2023 at 02:13PM
Last Edit: 10-05-2023 at 02:13PM


Bela maŝino. Mi aĉetis ĝin per malgranda kvanto.

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: Toni Espinosa (tajpilemulo)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 233

Hello, my name is Toni, I live in Spain and I have a small collection of typewriters to the despair of my wife. Perhaps what gives me the most satisfaction is salvaging machines that would otherwise be destined to end up in the trash. Many times, I prefer to renovate than restore. Actually, I'm not a very orthodox collector. My nick means in Esperanto, "one who likes to type"

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