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1930 Corona 3 Serial # X650074 1930 Corona 3 typewriter, Serial # X650074 Steve Parry's 1930 Corona 3 typewriter. 2020-12-16 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Steve Parry: 1930 Corona 3 Serial # X650074 Corona 3 Black/Gold with case

1930 Corona 3 #X650074

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Steve Parry (TypewriterTraveler)
Created: 12-16-2020 at 09:37AM
Last Edit: 12-16-2020 at 09:50AM


Corona 3 Black/Gold with case

Typeface Specimen:



Hunter: Steve Parry (TypewriterTraveler)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I have traveled extensively around the globe for business and pleasure, covering 72 countries to date. Many of which I have visited over 50-100 times. From Pakistan to Nigeria, Tokyo to Tripoli, my journeys have often taken me off the beaten track, giving me the opportunity to witness things most visitors would not see or in some circumstances would not wish to see. Some good, some bad, all are memorable. More recently, I travel with a typewriter. Typewriters certainly add fun and a sense of drama to the travel experience. So I am here to help promote the use of these wonderful machines!

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