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1910 Smith Premier 10-A Serial # 11089 1910 Smith Premier 10-A typewriter, Serial # 11089 Roberto C.'s 1910 Smith Premier 10-A typewriter. 2020-07-31 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Roberto C.: 1910 Smith Premier 10-A Serial # 11089 Smith Premier n. 10-A Made in 1910.

1910 Smith Premier 10-A #11089

Status: My Collection
Created: 06-27-2020 at 09:56AM
Last Edit: 07-31-2020 at 07:50AM


Smith Premier n. 10-A Made in 1910.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Roberto C. (Timeless100)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1015

I enjoy collecting typewriters ... they are so interesting and they have gone through and seen so many life stories in all these years .... they are full of secrets .. if only they could talk !!
I am a keen collector and restorer as well, I enjoy bringing old and antique typewriters back to their original conditions (when it is possible).
I live in Italy, and only from 2015 I started collecting typewriters, I prefer those manufactured before the Second World War and made in metal, even if I have some in my collection that are more recent, anyway they all have something particularly interesting about them ... my collection is growing very quickly.

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